Preserved Flower Shop & School Company Profile

■Company Profile

CEO Masayo Konno
A message from the president

The happiest moment in your life would be the time when you share your love with someone you care. The joy you feel through the communications would bring you the fascinating feeling you could ever have.
Belles Fleurs, Tokyo is a floral design company that produces and creates the world of flowers in various dimensions. We would like to deliver you beautiful flowers along with our hearts.
We have in operation since 1981 and our official school ‘Belles Fleurs Flower Designing School’ has been raising many floral designers. Our school provides you the efficient courses for national tests and the licensing examination of florist.  For a series of years now we have continuously been ranked as one of the top floral schools.  One of our missions in the future is to educate the next generation about the beauty of the flowers and to provide the adults and the companies with seminars regarding the floral designs.

In 2002, a sensational revolution occurred in the world of flowers in Japan when ‘the preserved flowers’ which you can admire its beauty for years started to be imported. In the same year I wrote a book about designs of the preserved flowers that was the very first book published in Japan.  Ever since then I have been dedicating myself to the world of floral design and been acknowledged as a leader of this field in the countries in Asia as well as in Japan.  With these stories behind, we have been tirelessly working keeping up the quality of our products at our own studio.

In 2008 we opened the preserved flower specialty shop in Ginza, Tokyo, and other shops at the major department stores in Japan. We would like to contribute to the society with education, designs, display and show with our flowers and spread the joy to the world. Here in Japan we have beautiful four seasons, Belle Fleurs Tokyo would like to convey the Japanese aesthetic sense to the world even more.

  • Belles Fleurs Tokyo Co.
  • Address
    AC Bldg. 2-19-1, Maeno-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
    zip code 174-0063 >>MAP
  • CEO
    Masayo Konno
  • Founded in
  • Established in
    2003 Jan.14
    • Product selling at boutiques
    • Product launches on line
    • Administrating floral arrangement schools.
    • Floral design and customized arrangement for bridal
    • Dedicated event management
    • Leasing out products for corporations
    • Event activations by demonstration and lectures
    • Media events on TV, radio, and publishes etc.
    • Custom ordered flowers each and every time
  • Boutiques
    • Belles-Fleurs Ginza Main store
      1-20-17 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
      Zip code 104-0061 >>MAP

      Belles-Fleurs Toranomon
      1-15-6 Nishishinbashi, Minatoku, Tokyo
      Zip code 105-0003 >>MAP
  • Store in the department stores
    • Mitstukoshi Nihonbashi, 5F Interior salon
    • Mitsukoshi Ginza 7F Gift salon
    • Matsuya Ginza 7F Gift salon
  • On-line shops
  • Main Office
    (TEL) 03-3965-5805 (FAX) 03-3965-5695