Flower Design School course

■Classroom guidance

Tokiwadai, class

It is located at a quiet residential area. The brick house with terrace, you will find it as a very luxurious peaceful room suitable for learning skills for arranging flowers with all the latest equipment.
Set aside of your busy daily routines, you will enjoy yourself taking lessons making your arrangement.

〒174-0063 2-19-1 AC Building, Maenocho, Itabashi-Ward, Tokyo.
〈Nearest Station〉 10min walk from Tokiwadai station , Tobutojyo line >>MAP
Ginza class

It is a few minutes’ walk from every Metro stations as well as Tokyo Station. Many of the students at Ginza class have their carriers in jobs and taking lessons after work or weekends.
Come join us to learn the latest floral design at the most luxurious and contemporary place as Ginza. You will able to capture the trend at our boutique of the preserved flower on the first floor.

〒104-0061 1-20-17 Oshiya Building, Ginza Chuo-Ward, Tokyo.
〈Nearest Stations〉Ginza icchome, Higashi Ginza, Ginza, Takaracuo, Shintomicyo. >>MAP
銀座校1銀座校2 銀座校3
Trial lesson yen3,200.

Trial lessons are available at Tokiwadai school and Ginza school.
Experience and enjoy the ordinary classroom atmosphere, share your dreams with coaches. We are here to support you.


【1】A bouquet with the fresh flowers 【2】An arrangement with the preserved flowers【3】An arrangement with the artificial flowers ※pictures are images
Choose either lesson as you prefer.
Fee: 3,240yen for flower fee, no lesson fee is charged.
Schedule: Lesson Schedule (PDF)※Trial lessons starts half an hour behind of the regular lessens.
Reservations: Reservation Form for trial lesson. (our office service will contact you shortly)

Other classes, institute, and lessons at a college

In ‘culture school’at department stores, we offer as the same quality of the class as our college does. Please ask for more information.

Mitsukoshi Culture Salon at Nihonnbashi
[Preserved flower/Every 1st Wed. 14:30~16:30]

In the culture school at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, our designer Ryohei Konno offers his theory, abundant technics, and skills. A drop-in one day class and a regular monthly class are available.

Sankei Gakuen at Shinyurigaoka
[Fresh flowers・Preserved flowers /Every 2nd Friday 13:00~15:00]

Sankei Gakuen is the oldest institute for lessons in variety which is called ‘culture center’ in Japan. We now provide a lesson at Sankei Gakuen, in which you can learn the same contents from a lesson at Belles Fleurs Flower Design College. Two series as Floral Designing Course and Diploma Course with the preserved flowers are available.

Tobu’Culture Shool’ at Ikebukuro
[Preserved flowers/Every 4th Sat. 10:00~12:00]

This class was the very first one for the preserved flowers at ‘culture school in department store’ in Japan. It has been a very popular class offered by Masayo Konno. It is held at a very convenient venue within five minutes’ walk from Ikebukuro station, underground passage will lead you without getting wet in case of rain.

Open college at Daito Bunka University at Tobunerima
[Fresh flowers・Preserved flowers/For five weeks term of Saturday. 10:00~11:30]

In the classroom with open wide view of a facility at Daitou Bunka University, a curriculum both for the fresh flowers and the preserved flowers from the basic to the mastered is taken place.

Isetan OTOMANA at Shinjuku
[Preserved flowers/ Irregular schedule due to a one day lesson]

This is a lesson taken place at Isetan Shinjyuku, which is a special one day class for the adults. A very popular class with a waiting list every time.
次回は2016年6月21日(火) 14:00~16:00開催。

各カルチャー、大学講座 各カルチャー、大学講座 各カルチャー、大学講座
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