Flower Design College


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常盤台校・銀座校 体験レッスン随時受付中!
Floral Design Classes

This is the most popular class series that provide courses of fresh flower, preserved flower, and artificial flower.
A beginner can learn a basic theory and a creative technics at the same time depending on your ability. We will offer you the Belles Fleurs original designs in seasons.
Choose one-class-a-month or two-classes-a-month.

Interior Design Classes

This classes offer you to learn skills to create frame arrangements, table flowers and so on for interior with the fresh flowers and the preserved flowers. You will also learn about interior coordinating as well as arranging technics.
Choose as many times as you like every month.

Bridal Flower Design Courses

This is a course for brides and bridal coordinators who want to learn to arrange wedding bouquet from the basic technics with the fresh flowers and the preserved flowers. You will be able to make all the wedding items such as bouquet, table flowers, ring pillow, thank-you gifts for your parents and friends. Choose as many time a month as you like according to your plans.

Wedding flowers course certified by Nippon Flower Designers’ Association

This is a privilege course under NFD, that offers not only skills to arrange bouquet but also all the knowledge and theory from wedding related category. This is suitable for a professional wedding coordinator as well as a bride to be. Members and Non-members of NFD can all take this series here, and after finishing it you will be given a diploma from NFD. Choose as many times as you need.

Creative Designing seminar by Ryohei Konno

This seminar is offered by our top mCreative Designing seminar by Ryohei Konnoale designer Ryohei Konno who is a floral designer, a graphic designer, and a display creator. This series starts with a lesson about designing theory, through which you will experience the aesthetic value of designing. Even a beginner can make a beautiful masterpiece with his guide.
Only at Tokiwadai school. Every third Wed. starts from 12:00pm

今野亮平 造形ゼミ


常盤台校・銀座校 体験レッスン随時受付中!
A course for national certification of floral decoration grade 3 to grade 1

These certifications are permanent licenses certified by ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The average pass rate for NFD grade 1 is said to be 20 to 30 percent, but we have been recorded as 100 percent of pass rate in a row since 2008. It is all due to our flexible schooling system, intensive lessons before the test, and face to face lessons by the professional coaches according to each individuals’ levels.


This series has been authorized as a vocational course by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare since 2013. After finishing this program, to those who took grade 1 or 2, 20percent of the tuition or up to maximum amount of 100,000yen shall be reimburse.
※Due to a necessary and sufficient condition shall be re required, please ask for further information

topix >> 2015年国家検定コースを受講の生徒さんから体験記をお寄せ頂きました。
2015年・国家検定フラワー装飾技能士 2級合格/Sさん

2級は3級とは違い、たくさんのパターンを練習する事になりますが、 花束の下準備、早くに組む為のコツや、きれいで正確なアウトラインの作り方などを丁寧に教えていただき、それが合格につながったと思います。

2015年・国家検定フラワー装飾技能士 2級合格/Mさん


Classes for authorized certifications grade 1 to grade 3 by Nippon Flower Designers’ Association.

High qualified curriculums are provided under authorization of NFD. We have delivered more than 2,000 professional floral designers. The pass rate keeps the top level in a row every year. This proud result ensures you that we can offer you the best qualified lessons compared to all the other authorized schools of NFD.



As our CEO Masayo Konno obtained the best certification of floral director of the world, our college has registered as one of few authorized schools in Japan.
By using the same textbook and a curriculum as the headquarters in Paris, we will provide you with the best and most unique second-to-none designs and technics.
※AFAF is an association which headquarter is located in Paris, produces popular French style floral pieces.

Preserved Flower Diploma course grade1 to grade3

This series is for those who strive for the best floral designing technics with the preserved flowers. After graduating this course, a supporting system is available to open your school as Belles Fleurs Diploma authorized school. This series will offer you the best and all of Masayo Konno, the first and best preserved flower designer in Japan.

Artificial Flower Diploma course grade1 to grade3

Artificial flowers in Japan is the best in quality, and using those artificial flowers will widen the possibility in designing arrangements. This is a course for learning technics from Masayo Konno who is an ambassador of the major brand of artificial flowers. This course covers from the basic skills to the interior designing theories both in elegant or in dynamic way.


Trial lesson yen3,200.

常盤台校・銀座校 体験レッスン随時受付中!
Trial lessons are available at Tokiwadai school and Ginza school.

Experience and enjoy the ordinary classroom atmosphere, share your dreams with coaches. We are here to support you.


【1】A bouquet with the fresh flowers 【2】An arrangement with the preserved flowers【3】An arrangement with the artificial flowers ※pictures are images

Choose either lesson as you prefer.
■Fee: 3,240yen for flower fee, no lesson fee is charged.
■Schedule: Lesson Schedule (PDF)※Trial lessons starts half an hour behind of the regular lessens.
■Reservations: Reservation Form for trial lesson.(our office service will contact you shortly)


For more information and lesson appointment, please contact the head office.
(TEL)03-3965-5805 (FAX)03-3965-5695 (MAIL)school@belles-fleurs.com