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Belles Fleurs Flower Design College is the most prestigious center for the floral arts, and is comprised of classes for the basic to the highest qualified status of designing.

Belles Fleurs Flower Design College is originated in Belles Fleurs Flower Design School established in 1981. After 35years of its history, Belles Fleurs Flower Design School has transformed into Belles Fleurs Flower Design College where you can learn foundation skills, techniques and design aptitude to work of floral designing in Japan.

To develop your designing ability, overall curriculum consists of practicing technics as well as necessary principals and skills of the floral design.

It is the mission of Belles Fleurs Flower Design College to celebrate great floral design and designers, and to help people live a richer life through flowers. You will be able to obtain the-must-have skills to show your unique world on the world-class stage.

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Greeting from the president

   ― Masayo Konno the president of Belles Fleurs Flower Design College

Japan has four beautiful seasons, we appreciates its beauty through our eyes and our hearts. The inspiration we have is the key to design art of flowers, and with which you will be able to empower your floral design into lives. It’s the mixture of power of flowers and human’s sensitivity that creates the most beautiful floral masterpiece. Here I ensure you that your enthusiasm and commitment for reaching your higher stage will enlighten your work and bring many smiles to the people around you.

It has been 35 years since I first started to have a lesson at my dining table as I was a housewife. Ever since then, many of whom have gone on to open their own prosperous and thriving ways as professionals.

It’s the time for women to have opportunities to bring themselves a success.

We now re-founded as Belles Fleurs Flower Design College to champion our students by helping them along their path into the floral design community. We strive to provide as many opportunities as possible to help our student refine their newly acquired skills.

Just to enjoy flowers in your ordinary life, just to make it as your job, there would be many reasons to start to. We provide many different supporting systems and classes to help people live a richer life through the flowers.

It is you who open a door to the future.
With the series with Belles Fleurs Flower Design College, you will never regret but only to enrich your beautiful life.

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Our classes are organized into categories that target students with different levels of experience and different needs in handling fresh flowers, preserved flowers, and artificial flowers. Classes are designed into individual series that cover from the beginner to the professional.


Belles Fleurs Flower College is registered as an authorized school by NFD, Nippon Flower Designers’ Association. Registration under NFD is recognized as a high qualified and career oriented school. We provide classes for officiated examinations.

>>Classroom guidance

Our president is an honorary instructor at NFD as well as a chosen Tokyo Meister. She and other of our professional instructors will dedicate to teach each students according to each students’ levels.

>>President profile

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Due to the high ratio of passing with top scores of the National Board Examinations, Belles Fleurs Flower Design College is appointed as an official course by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

>>National test course details

Belles Fleurs Flower Design College is an educational sector of Belles Fleurs Tokyo, a floral designing company whose success is based on exceeding the clients’ expectations including the executive companies such as ANA, Wedgewood, etc. You will be able to learn the technics and skills of the top floral designs in Japan.


Students can take three lessons at the most per day, which is serviceable for the students who comes from far and has less time to devote. A sudden cancel is acceptable and a make-up lesson is available in a following month. You can choose classes at your convenience. You will never be disappointed to make up with any classes because of our instructors being all capable at the top level.

Absence and makeup lessons

Make-up lessons are available in case of absence. There is no number restrictions on make-up class, but a dead line is within a month.

A long term absence is admitted up to a year. We will provide you with a special program when you come back. For further information ask your instructor.

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